About Our Saddles

Western Sky is a stocking dealer for McCall Saddle Co as well as other fine saddle makers,  and our exclusive hand crafted saddles carry the name "Cowboss".  We usually have a good selection of Slick Fork Wade,  Association, All Around Rancher, Cutter, and Working Cowhorse saddles. Some of each are usually in stock, and many are custom ordered to our customers specification. Custom orders are typically 6-8 months.  McCall is currently 10-12 months.

Our used saddles are thoroughly inspected, and we only offer used saddles that we would ride in ourselves.

Please call us to check stock status.

COWBOSS SADDLES are custom designed and hand crafted from the ground up. Whether it be a Wade like the one shown here or any of our other types, each is built one at a time with care and attention to detail. Saddles that bear the "Cowboss" stamp are recognized as a ready to use working rig that's built to last.

Our Saddle Trees
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Our Cowboss and McCall saddles are built on the famous Timberline Tree. It all starts  with select Lodgepole Pine harvested from the Uintah mountains in northern Utah.

We also work with other custom tree makers in the US and Canada.


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After the components have been assembled, each bare tree undergoes checks to make sure it is straight, true, and symmetrical.
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Next, the tree is wrapped in rawhide. This process involves applying the wet rawhide around the tree and then hand sewing the seems with deerhide lace. The rawhide covered tree is slowly cured in a temperature controlled kiln which causes the rawhide to shrink tight around the wood.
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These trees have been cured out, inspected, and are ready to become the foundation of someone's custom made saddle.
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Here, Gary applies his expertise to laying in the seat jockeys of this slick fork Wade.

The ground seat in every one of our saddles receives special attention to achieve that all day comfort. You can cowboy all day, and be ready to do it again tomorrow.

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